Spray Mop YSP01

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Product Name: Spray Mop YSP01
Price type: FOB Price for 1x40HQ quantity
Packing type: Assembly Required
Each set includes: Handle ×1, Mop Frame ×1, Cloth ×1
MOQ: 100 sets.
Customized design: available for customized color and color box.

Product Description

Spray Mop YSP01

Spray Mop YSP01

  • Advantages:

    1, Factory supply, our own patent;
    2, Wide range fan spray mop design;
    3, Cushioned foam grip, squeeze handle, ergonomic and comfortable grip;
    4, Wet and dry use, lightly press to spray water;
    5, Spray distance up to 90cm, large area cleaning;
    6, 180 degree bending left and right, easy to mop the floor;
    7, 90 degree rotation front and rear, flexible and convenient

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  • Spray Mop YSP01-wide range fan spray
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  • Spray Mop YSP01-wet and dry use
  • Material:

    Mop frame: ABS/PP
    Mop pole: Stainless steel
    Mop cloth: Microfiber fabric

  • Size:

    Mop cloth (frame) size: 40x13cm
    Mop pole length: 120cm

  • Loading quantity:

    assembled packing, 7200 sets in 1x40HQ
    bulk packing, 14400 sets in 1x40HQ

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