Best Mop for Vinyl Floors YS19

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Product Name:Best Mop for Vinyl Floors
Price type: FOB Price for 1x40HQ quantity
Color: Green, Khaki, White
Packing type: Assembled packing and bulk packing
Each set includes: Bucket ×1, Handle ×1, Frame ×1, Cloth ×2
MOQ: 100 sets.
Customized design: available for customized color and color box.

Product Description

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  • Advantages:

    1, Factory supply, our own patent;
    2, Double buckets design;
    3, Medium size, suitable for family

    Flat Mop Tile Mop YS19

  • Material:

    Mop bucket: New PP
    Mop frame: ABS
    Mop pole: Stainless steel
    Mop cloth: Microfiber fabric

    YS19 Flat Mops for Vinyl Floors

  • Size:

    Mop bucket size: 26x21x37cm
    Mop cloth (frame) size: 32x12cm
    Mop pole length: 135cm

    YS19 Flat Mops for Vinyl Floors

  • Weight:

    Gross weight/set: 1.9kg

    YS19 Flat Mops for Vinyl Floors

  • Loading quantity:

    Assembled packing in 1x40HQ: 2400 sets
    Assembled packing in 1x20GP: 864 sets
    Bulk packing in 1x40HQ: 5760 sets
    Bulk packing in 1x20GP: 2160 sets

    YS19 Flat Mops for Vinyl Floors


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